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Ecoconut, its values and objectives


1. What was Ecoconut Tours Inc.?

Ecoconut Tours Inc. was a Tour Operator devoted to developing ecotourism in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines. We shared with our visitors an incredible ecological and human experiment with the discovery of Olango island.

Our tour circuits made it possible for our visitors to discover a preserved tropical island by setting out for the exploration of the “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary”. Here it is possible to observe migratory birds at a site of exceptional beauty (in the presence of a guide), participating in activities such as swimming and snorkeling in the protected Marine zones. There is also a direct contact with the local culture thanks to the permanent contact which we have established with the local community (tasting of regional foods, possibility of staying one night with a local family, etc.).

Ecoconut Tours Inc. also offered you the possibility of doing Eco-tours “à la carte”, notably to Bohol and to Banaue.

2. Our values.

  • To have the private sector, on the one hand, play an active role of economic and social development, and, on the other hand, to preserve the environment, by promoting responsible ecotourism;

  • To use social and responsible tourism as a source of local development;

  • To work in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of the Natural resources of Philippines;

  • To allow tourists to be actors in a local development process.

3. Our objectives.

  • To sensitize our visitors to the environment and to the local culture;

  • To create an awareness in the local community of the stakes of their living environment;

  • To allow our visitors to have an unforgettable experience through the discovery of a tropical island preserved by the “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary” and the Protected Marine zones, and to establish an authentic exchange with the local community.

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