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  Olango Island

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Olango Island


1. Olango Island and Lapu Lapu City.

Our Ecoconut agency and our organized trips started from Mactan Island in Cebu, in the center of the Philippines and more precisely from Lapu Lapu City. Lapu Lapu City is one of 3 cities of the metropolitan zone of Cebu City.
It is on the island of Mactan where the international airport of Cebu is conveniently located. Moreover, Cebu and Lapu Lapu City represent one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are approximately 1500 hotels and “beach resorts” along the east coast of Mactan Island. Although located a few minutes by boat from Mactan, the Island of Olango remains a preserve of authentic culture and natural environment. Our Tours began on this island of exceptional natural and human resources. Our boats could each easily shuttle about thirty people from Olango to its satellite islands.

   2. Why Olango Island is so exceptional ?

The island of Olango and its 6 small satellite islands: Pangan-an, Coahagan, Sulpa, Camungi, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, constitute an exceptional site.

These islands are located 5.5 km off the east coast of Mactan. The entire surface of Olango Island and its small islands represent 1020 ha with a population of 21.027 in 2001.

This group of islands is a fragile and single ecosystem. In recognition of its exceptional character, 920 ha were declared “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary” (OIWS) by an agreement signed by the President Corazon Aquino on May 14, 1992. This area is geologically mainly made up of limestone sands scattered with shells and some soil supporting mangrove trees.

On November 8, 1994, the OIWS was designated the first “Ramsar” site in the Philippines, which is to say the first wetland of international importance, particularly as a protected zone for migratory birds.

Indeed, due to its geographical position, the island of Olango is right along the migratory path connecting the northern hemisphere (China) to the southern hemisphere (Australia).

One can count 97 species of birds on Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary including some species on the verge of extinction such as the Chinese egret (Egretta eulophotes).

Also on the small Gilutongan island is a protected marine sanctuary, called the Gilutongan Marine Sanctuary, probably one of the most well known protected marine zone in the Philippines.

Tourism is really the most important source of revenue which can give Olango a future. Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary has white sand beaches, great snorkeling sites with coral reefs, which are the major attractions.

Nevertheless the island of Olango representing a very rich and very fragile ecosystem is threatened by the increasing presence of Man.

This explains a certain number of initiatives developed by ONG, by the local government, and by the private sector in order to protect the coastal resources of Olango, while opening this paradise to tourists. These initiatives created in particular various protected marine zones (Protected Marine Area).

These initiatives are a great success since the Archipelago of Visayas has the largest number of protected marine zones in the Philippines.

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