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  Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary

  "Olango" Tours and Prices (per tour and per person, in local currency, for a group above 10 people):
- Eco-Tour of Olango Island 2100 PHP;
- Express Eco-Tour 1400 PHP;
- Hilutungan - Island hoping 900 PHP;
- Two-day Eco-Tour 2800 PHP.


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The Philippines, the exceptional island of Olango              Share .    


 Located in the most western part of the Pacific Ocean, Philippines form a mountainous archipelago, which belongs to a vast volcanic chain extending from Indonesia to Japan. From North to South, its 7107 islands are scattered in an area of 1840 kilometers and benefit from a tropical climate.

  Our Ecoconut agency and our organized trips started from Mactan Island in Cebu, in the center of the Philippines and more precisely from Lapu Lapu City. It is on the island of Mactan that the international airport of Cebu is conveniently located. The Ecoconut tours enabled you to discover the island of Olango and its multiple facets, through various adventures and activities, such as maritime exploration, snorkeling, migratory birds observation, discovery of artisanal technics and meeting Filipino families.

(Ecoconut Tours Inc. also offered you the possibility of doing Eco-tours “à la carte”, notably to Bohol and to Banaue).


The island of Olango and its 6 small satellite islands constitute an exceptional site, with 920 hectares of natural park having an importance of international recognition since 1992 (Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary) and 2 marine sanctuaries preserved and protected since the beginning of 2000 (Hilutungan Sanctuary Marine and Talima Sanctuary Marine).


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