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    2.1 Eco-tour of Olango Island: Adventures & Discovery from one small island to another; All included    

   2.2 Express Eco-Tour of Olango Island

   2.3 From one small island to another; Snorkeling

   2.4 Two-day Eco-tour of Olango Island: Full Adventure & Discovery from one small island to another

  2.5 - Educational Eco-tour (for Cebu school students)

  2.6 - Personal Charter Boat – A cruise « « à la carte »

  2.7 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Bohol

  2.8 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Banaue

The tours & the rates

2.7 –  Eco-tour "à la carte" – Bohol

Bohol Island, the Rajah Sikatuna National Park and more…

The islands surrounding Cebu, in the center of the Visayas, are greatly appreciated by people who especially like to trek and like to dive.

Bohol is an oval shaped island located in the South East part of Cebu city, accessible by boat. It is famous for its churches, old typical houses, natural beauty such as the Chocolate hills, the Loboc River, several preserved National Parks, and, of course, the Tarsier, a tiny primate with huge eyes.

Bohol is also famous for its beautiful beaches, especially the very nice beaches of Panglao Island, and its diving sites.

Note worthy, the provincial government of Bohol has defined a policy to foster the development of sustainable tourism (The Quality Standard for Sustainable Tourism of Bohol).

The Rajah Sikatuna National Park (in the center of the island) is a heaven for nature lovers, trekkers, and a bird-watcher’s paradise. It is the wildest remaining forest in Bohol. These forested limestone areas were recognized and declared a National Park under Proclamation in July 10, 1987. The park is now known as the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape (RSPL) or Magsaysay Park as renamed by the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources). Wildlife is undisturbed to roam free. With a total land area of 9,023 hectares, it is mainly composed of forests. The development of the RSPL is directed towards three objectives: Potable water sources and irrigation; Biodiversity reserves; Eco-tourism.

We propose several exceptional activities such as the exploration of the Park with a scientific guide to discover and observe various species of rare birds, the butterfly sanctuary, monkeys, bats, plants, trees and the famous tarsiers.

The trip to Carmen offers many scenic views including the forest and the rice fields bordering the reserve.

Next to RSPL, the Chocolate Hills, numbering more than 1200, are located in the center of Bohol. They are of various heights, the highest being 120 meters high. Their name comes from the color of the foliage during the dry season (from January to May). Moreover around RSPL, there is the amazing untouched tropical paradise of the Loboc River where you can swim in the waterfalls or see springs.

You can go from Cebu to Bohol in 2 hours by the “fast boat”.

  •   About our prices (per tour) :

Fully customized Eco-tour, adjusted to your needs, from half-a-day tour to a two-day-tour including the possibility of staying with a Filipino family for the night. Please ask for a quotation.



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