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3. Ecoconut Tours Inc. Actor in the worldwide movement of responsible tourism in the Philippines - June 2, 2010

Ecoconut Tours Inc. reaffirms its mission by concrete actions in sustainable and social tourism on Olango Island in the context of the fourth worldwide day for responsible tourism. There are 3 major goals ...

2. Ecoconut extends its catalog with Educational Eco-Tours - November 2, 2009

Ecoconut Tours Inc. is very much pleased to announce its new educational eco-tours for Cebu school students. The objectives of these educational eco-tours are to bring to students of pre-elementary school through high school...

1. Ecoconut Tours Inc. is devoted to sustainable tourism - June 2, 2009

For the third worldwide day for responsible tourism, Ecoconut Tours Inc. is proud to announce that it has begun full operations. Ecoconut Tours Inc. is a Tour Operator, located in Cebu, devoted to developing ecotourism and responsible tourism in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines. The Ecoconut tours enable you to discover ...

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