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1.  Various kinds of activities

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    2.1 Eco-tour of Olango Island: Adventures & Discovery from one small island to another; All included    

   2.2 Express Eco-Tour of Olango Island

   2.3 From one small island to another; Snorkeling

   2.4 Two-day Eco-tour of Olango Island: Full Adventure & Discovery from one small island to another

  2.5 - Educational Eco-tour (for Cebu school students)

  2.6 - Personal Charter Boat – A cruise « « à la carte »

  2.7 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Bohol

  2.8 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Banaue

The tours & the rates

2.5 Educational Eco-tour (for Cebu school students)


The objectives of the educational eco-tours are to bring to students of pre-elementary school through high school the opportunity to discover a direct experience of the interdependence of life and to develop an environmental consciousness – specifically the protection and preservation of the environment.

The students are prepared for this activity at school. They watch films and study photos of migratory birds found in the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. They will hear all about the abundance of the sea and it helps everyone to live.

During their visit of Olango Island, they will be able to observe first-hand the variety of migratory birds. They will visit the Coconut Village to learn about the different means of survival of the people in the Island. There they will also interact with fishermen to learn about local fishing techniques.

And they will have the opportunity of making shell necklaces and bracelets.

During the sea crossing, from Mactan to Olango Island (a short 15-minute boat trip), all security measures are taken such as an escort by a Maritime and Ports Authority of Lapu Lapu City representative.

Our goal for this activity is making connections between what we do as individuals, families, communities, and nations – and the impact on the Earth.

At the end, it will be a day of fun and lots of discoveries and learning.

The proposed activities start with an awakening to Ecology in general and develop specifically critical judgment about eco-tourism.


Before each educational eco-tour to Olango Island, it is recommended that the students get some sensitivity trainings at school.

Our Partners

Our main partner for this activity is the Abraham’s Children Montessori School in Cebu city.

  •   About our prices (per person) :

Itinerary : Fully customized activity, as the school wishes. Please ask for a quotation.



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